Week 3 July 2011: No rain

Split firewood one day this week. This is needed as we are experiencing very cold and overcast conditions.

We managed to do some potting on this week. Seedling Hakea laurina and stuck Grevillea arenaria subsp canescens cuttings went into tubes.

We identified a Correa that we have been growing for many years. We knew it was a form of Correa reflexa but which form? All was revealed when we referred to Correas Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens by Maria Hitchcock. This form is Correa reflexa Mt Richmond.

Planted some rooted Myoporum parvifolium cuttings in holes with other plants then watered followed by mulching. Hopefully the Myoporums will develop and form living mulch on top of our sawdust mulch.

Spring is just around the corner. Our Acacia baileyana and Acacia flexifolia plants are bursting into bloom.

New on the site: Correa reflexa Mt Richmond


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