Week 3 July 2010: Rain = 15 millimetres

Potted on more struck cuttings including ten Correa baeuerlenii, the Chef’s Cap Correa. We were happy with number of struck cuttings as we find this species the hardest to propagate of the genus.

Our eldest daughter and her children came to visit for a couple of days. A pleasant time was had by all.

We have a tall, prickly Hakea that has been covered in white flowers for some time. This week we identified the plant as Hakea decurrens. We collected a number of woody fruits and will eventually plant out more specimens in our garden. It is a useful plant as it flowers in the middle of winter.

Splitting more firewood this week. We only light our heater at night so our firewood consumption is fairly low.

This week we filled more broccoli boxes with soil ready for planting vegetables. In one of the already filled boxes we planted some beetroot seedlings.


Garden Diary