Week 3 July 2008:  Rain = 18mm this week
Our planting programme continued this week with ten plants finding homes in our Triangle Garden. These plants were watered and mulched. We have just about planted all the area available, at the moment, in this garden. A large area has been covered with corrugated iron to kill the weeds but it will be a few weeks before part of this area will be ready for planting. With this break in planting in mind we have sprayed an area beside our road with Glyphosate to kill the grass and weeds. This area will be ready in less than three weeks for planting. A number of Eucalypts will be planted in this sprayed area. After this some of the iron will be ready to lift and normal planting will resume.
Towards the end of June we mentioned that a Striated Pardalote was visiting a nesting tube under our patio roof. This persistent bird is still around and still checking the nesting tube. Hopefully this bird will meet up with a partner and use the nesting tube this spring.
We were given an Acacia Scarlet Blaze a few months ago by our children. This week the plant burst into bloom. Coincidentally this week we also potted on some struck cuttings of this unique Wattle. Seed grown plants would probably revert to the normal yellow blooms of the species, Acacia leprosa.
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