Week 3 July 2007: No rain this week.

This week we finished planting and mulching our Incinerator Garden. This small garden has been designed to screen our incinerator. There are about 90 plants in the garden with the usual range of species and varieties. The garden includes Banksias, Calothamnus, Correas, small Eucalypts and Eremophilas.

One day we sighted a White-plumed Honeyeater in one of our gardens. These birds are rare visitors to Yallaroo.

The Vegetable Garden is another recently completed project. This week an Eremophila was visited by an Eastern Spinebill in this new garden. It is always satisfying when the birds appreciate our efforts.

We noticed some small eruptions on some leaves of a Eucalyptus sideroxylon. Closer examination showed us that these were Lerps. They are a variety of scale insects. They construct a finely sculptured shelter to protect each insect whilst they suck sap from the leaves. Our Lerps occur in small numbers so they do no damage. They are eaten by Pardalotes.

This week we purchased a treadmill that will be used for exercising particularly when the weather is a trifle inclement and we are confined inside.

Whilst speaking of inclement weather. This week we have had some heavy frosts. Our bird baths were frozen and our Small Dam had a film of ice on the surface. Fortunately there was only minor damage to our plants.

With the cold weather we have lit our fire every night. This week we spent some time cutting firewood. We are fortunate that we have plenty of dead trees lying around. These were trees killed (for unknown reasons) by previous owners of Yallaroo.

We watered our new gardens with grey water this week. We like to keep up the soil moisture even during the colder months.

A pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles has been gliding in our air space this week. We always enjoy watching these kings (and the queens) of the air riding the thermals.

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