Week 3 July 2006: Rain = 37.5mm. Just what the garden ordered.
The weather was cold and overcast for half of the week. We spent this time sitting in front of the fire reading and writing.
Later in the week the sun shone again and we spent some time planting. About 70 plants went into the ground. Most of these were planted near our new pond. We also managed to pot on some seedlings.
We have always used and advocated sawdust as mulch for native plants. Our view has not changed but it has become increasingly difficult to source sawdust. This is probably due to two factors. Firstly many sawmills in our part of the state have closed and secondly sawdust is being increasingly used in potting mixes. We are now going to use chipped green waste from the local council. Many gardeners are using this material with excellent results. This week we had 17 cubic metres of chipped material delivered. This mulch is now less than half the cost of sawdust.
We have a number of Eucalyptus leucoxylon plants in our gardens. We have one beautiful specimen that has bright red flowers and blooms for many months. This week an Eastern Spinebill was observed visiting the flowers of this tree. Two younger specimens burst into bloom this week. They both have red flowers. Sometimes Eucalyptus leucoxylon may have white or pink flowers.

Garden Diary