Week 3 July 2005: Rain = 11mm.
We received some disturbing digital images this week. A listener, to our radio programme, sent images showing areas of Eucalypts, from near Tamworth , with dead foliage. These trees were probably victims of the drought. Hopefully they will recover.
One night we heard a noise on the deck outside our family room. A Swamp Wallaby was on the deck delicately eating the leaves off one of our Correas.  We have found that “macropod-pruned” Correas usually recover.
One day, this week, we had a very heavy frost. Fortunately the low temperature did not cause much damage.
Our family-photo scanning project continued this week. We have now scanned hundreds of photos that illustrate our family history over at least the past twenty years.
Another listener to our programme sent an interesting Eucalypt specimen for identification. The plant is growing as a street tree in Tamworth . The specimen was Eucalyptus grossa, a small tree that is a native of Western Australia . We are experimenting with a number of small Western Australian Eucalypts. They are native plants with great horticultural potential.

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