Week 3 July 2003:  No rain this week.
This week we continued planting in the Lawn Garden and beside our road.
Some Banksias and Grevilleas have developed yellow foliage. They were treated with Aquasol, which is soluble fertiliser containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. The yellow foliage is said to be an indication of iron deficiency. We feel that other nutrient deficiencies, as well as iron, are responsible for the yellow foliage. Three or four treatments, with Aquasol, usually remedies this jaundiced condition. Two teaspoons of Aquasol to 10 litres of water is the mixture we use.
Lots of machinery noise west of Yallaroo this week. A section of the road to Bundarra is being sealed. The local council is undertaking the work. Sections of the road are being straightened. Some Eucalyptus youmanni, an uncommon local species, will be removed during the roadwork. Seedlings from these trees will be planted in the old sections of the road. It is heartening to see local councils becoming aware of their environmental responsibilities.
One of our Grevillea baueri shrubs is covered with red flowers. This week there has been a continuous procession of birds visiting this plant. Blue Wrens, Eastern Spinebills and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were observed. The Blue Wrens were probably after the insects that are attracted to the flowers and the nectar-filled blooms attracted the Spinebills and Honeyeaters.
New this week: in our Wildlife Section: Backswimmers.

Garden Diary