Week 3 July 2002: Travelling again this week. Spent this week on the Central Coast (north of Sydney) at our daughter and her family’s place. We spent most of the week making curtains and house painting.
We took some time off to visit a local hardware store with an extensive nursery. They carried a wide range of interesting natives. Our purchases included Correa Redex. The parents of this hybrid are Correa reflexa and Correa decumbens. Grevillea Ember Glow was another purchase. The parentage of this hybrid is Grevillea rhyolitica and a prostrate red form of Grevillea juniperina.
Saw a flock of Thornbills around our daughter’s home. This was an unusual sighting because most small birds have deserted these built-up areas. Although there are plenty of tall trees there is virtually no native understorey needed by small birds.
Also took time out to visit the Watagan Mountains near Newcastle. We found a form of Correa reflexa that has narrow, light green, bell-shaped flowers.

Garden Diary