Week 3 January 2017: Rain = 42.5 millimetres. More good rain that fills our tank and tends to balance the hot, drying days we are having. Unfortunately one good fall was accompanied by a large storm. This blacked out a large area of the Northern Tablelands, including Yallaroo, for over six hours.

We have started digging holes again in our new garden, northwest of the house. Because of the rain and warm weather weeds have flourished in this garden. So our digging of holes is accompanied by weeding. The ground is moist so weeds are easy to extract. We also weeded a couple of our vegetable beds where weeds are also flourishing.

Our cherry and Roma tomatoes are ripening so we are picking some every day. The cherry tomatoes are Yellow Pears and Tommy Toes.

We found a Eucalyptus melanophloia, the Silver-leafed Ironbark, bursting into bloom. This is the first time this specimen has flowered. It is about seven years old. The Silver-leafed Ironbark is a handsome tree with eye-catching silver foliage, white flowers and a black, furrowed trunk.

Also flowering is Acacia deanei, A. implexa, A. parramattensis and A. subulata.

Watched more one day cricket matches this week. There are five matches in the series between Australia and Pakistan.

Wildlife observations: Found a Privet Hawk Moth Caterpillar in the Wonga Vines under the patio. We found caterpillars in the vine at the same time last year. There was a Swamp Wallaby on the mown area one afternoon. Dollar Birds are very active flying around and raucously calling near our big dam. A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater has returned and is spending time in the large shrubbery northwest of the house.


Garden Diary