Week 3 January 2016: Rain = 6.5 millimetres.

We have a passionfruit vine growing on netting around the supports of our front verandah. The vine is carrying a few fruit and early in the week we noticed that many stems are covered in buds. Hopefully they will come to fruition.

Potting on continued this week. We potted on Acacia leptoclada seedlings and rooted cuttings of Grevillea beadleana and Philotheca myoporoides (was Eriostemon).

We recently purchased a Grevillea beadleana plus other plants. The Grevillea produced one flower, in its pot, this week.

We have had trouble with our LG TV and this week we took the set into town for repair. Although well out of warranty LG are going to cover the cost of repair. We purchased the set from our local Harvey Norman store and they negotiated with LG to cover the repair costs. We have always received good service from our local Harvey Norman and purchase all our electronic and electrical equipment from them.

One afternoon we visited our friends from Canberra. They have a property east of Yallaroo. We always have enjoyable visits and this time they gave us a new publication, Woodland Flora, a Field Guide for the Southern Tablelands of NSW. The book was gratefully received. Most of the plants described and illustrated are also native to our area.

On the last day of the week our son and family came to spend a few days with us. We always have a great time when members of our family come to stay.


Garden Diary