Week 3 January 2015: Rain = 14.4 millimetres.

This week we put up some wire netting on our verandah. We are going to train a passionfruit vine along the netting. The vine has three fruits and plenty of flowers. We find that passionfruit cuttings take root rapidly. This applies to both the ordinary passion fruit and the banana variety.

Thanks to the rain the grass, around the house, is growing rapidly. One morning the grass was mowed with our hand mower. The clippings were collected and these will be composted. We also mowed around our road using the ride on mower.

Work continued on the extension of our Northern Garden. One day we dug holes and planted 36 tubes. We also planted two deciduous blueberries in large pots. For the moment they will be kept in our plastic house together with our plants in tubes.

Some more pruning was undertaken on some big shrubs in front of the house.

We picked the blueberries from our Nellie Kelly plant. We harvested about 120 grams of fruit. This was not bad for the first harvest.

Callistemon flavovirens is flowering. We potted on cuttings of Eremophila subfloccosa and a form of Correa reflexa. Cuttings, of this form, were collected along the roadside growing with Grevillea oldei near Gosford in November last year.

Cricket watching continued this week. The three way one day contest has started between Australia, England and India.

Late in the week we had a very pleasant surprise. Our son and his family made a surprise visit and stayed for a number of days. A great time was had by all.

Wildlife observations: A Blue Wren female spent considerable time attacking its image in our lounge room window. A Red-necked Wallaby and Swamp Wallaby were feeding on the mown area in front of the house. Whilst planting in our northern extension we disturbed a Jackie Lizard. Normally they run away. This individual came on the attack making a hissing noise and showing the yellow inside of its mouth. We moved away until the lizard calmed down.


Garden Diary