Week 3 January 2014:   No rain again. The lack of rain and extremely high temperatures is making this summer the driest that we have experienced since moving to Yallaroo nearly two decades ago. We feel for the farmers and graziers at this testing time.
Cuttings are still taking root. This week we potted on struck cuttings of Prostanthera cuneata, Eremophila weldii and Grevillea vestita. We also potted on seedling Banksia spinulosa
This week we cleaned the filter on our aquarium. The aquarium requires very little maintenance. Over the years the fish population has reduced to hundreds of guppies and one catfish. We intend to add other fish species in the near future.
We have a large Grevillea Pink Surprise near our deck. This week we pruned the plant. This is a very rewarding plant that carries large pink flowers for many months. Our Eastern Spinebills are very fond of the flowers.
One afternoon we visited our friends from Canberra. They have a block east of Yallaroo.  This visit we spent some time discussing the art of propagating cuttings. We always have a pleasant and happy time during our visits.
On Saturday morning we did our talk back radio program on the local ABC radio network. We only do the program once every five weeks. This does nothing for the continuity of the program.
This week we harvested the plums from one of our fruit trees. We picked almost a bucket full of delicious fruit.
There was an interesting visitor in our kitchen one night this week. A small scorpion was rescued of the floor and released outside. A few ago we were stung by a scorpion also in the kitchen. This one was in the sink. No damage was done to either the stinger or the stung.
This week we watched some one day cricket matches between Australia and England.  No need to say who won.
We received seeds of five Hakea species this week. They were sowed some after receipt. The seeds came from the Nindethana Seed Service in Western Australia. We have a list of more seeds to be purchased.

Garden Diary