Week 3 January 2013: Rain = 12.5 millimetres the rain keeps coming and our house tank overflowed again.

We managed to do a lot of planting this week with 46 plants going into gardens. We also spread blood and bone around the new plants. When we were away at Christmas some new plants were chewed by rabbits. The blood and bone deters them.

Callistemon comboynensis, Callistemon flavovirens and Acacia calamifolia are all flowering. This is the first time the Acacia calamifolia flowered. We are happy to see another wattle that flowers out of the usual spring-flowering period.

This week we planted an ordinary passionfruit plant in a large pot against the north wall of the shed. Nearby we planted a banana passionfruit also in a large pot. These passionfruit have large yellow fruit shaped somewhat like a banana. This was a big passionfruit fruit week as we planted two more plants beside one of the supports of our patio roof. These two were in tubes that we propagated from cuttings. Both types of passionfruit grow very easily from cuttings.

A Red-necked Wallaby was feeding on our large mown area on a couple of occasions this week. These attractive macropods sometimes visit Yallaroo.

We have a number of large Kunzea species A flowering at the moment. The species is rather rare and there may not be many specimens in cultivation. We noticed near one plant there were four small seedlings. These were dug up and potted on into tubes.

Speaking of potting on this week struck cuttings of Darwinia citriodora, Goodenia ovata and Melaleuca violacea found their way into tubes.

On the last day of the week our phone was repaired after six weeks. In early December our landline was destroyed by a lightning strike. Telstra decided to install a wireless system that works off the mobile tower east of Yallaroo. This does away with our reliance on copper wire and avoids the loss of service due to lightning strikes. Lyn from Inverell installed the system that works very well. We still retain our landline number and still pay normal costs. We now have 24 solar panels, two solar hot water collectors, a satellite broadband dish, a Yagi antenna for TV and now another Yagi antenna for the telephone. There is now standing room only on our roof.


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