Week 3 January 2012: Rain = 6.5 millimetres

Planting total this week = 21 these are plants that are replacing those that have expired for one reason or another. Pruning and weeding also continued this week.

This week we potted on seedling Allocasuarina littoralis, Hakea verrucosa and struck cuttings of Grevillea floribunda.

We had two wildlife encounters this week. Whilst pruning, a paper wasp nest was disturbed. The wasps were not happy and we were stung twice. Some people are allergic to their stings. The wasps are very aggressive during the warmer months but in winter they hibernate and become very docile. One winter we found a hibernating group of paper wasps in a box in our shed. In this case they were not bothered by the intrusion. We left them to their hibernating.

One afternoon we were visited by a large swarm of honey bees. They settled on one of the hakeas near our shed. There must have been many hundreds of bees in the swarm. Fortunately they were not aggressive and the next day they moved on.

We have a large feral tomato bush that came up in one of our newer gardens. This week we stated picking ripe fruit from the bush. The fruit are small yellow pear-shaped tomatoes. The plant is covered with developing fruit. We also picked fruit from our Alinta strawberry plants. We recommend this variety because it produces large, sweet fruit for many months.


Garden Diary