Veg_ring.JPG (52126 bytes)Week 3 January 2009: Rain = 6 mm this week

This week Blue-banded Bees were visiting the blue flowers on our Isotome axillaris plants.

We noticed a very small Jacky Lizard in one of our gardens. This season we have noticed a large number of bigger Jacky Lizards around our gardens. It would appear that they are breeding at Yallaroo.

This week we spent some time cutting up the frame from an old above-ground pool. The pieces were joined to form four rings (see image). These will be filled with soil to make four raised vegetable gardens. We have decided to go into vegetable growing in a reasonably big way. One ring will probably accommodate Blueberries, Raspberries and Rhubarb.

Planting continued this week with 37 plants going into the ground near our grey water tank.

We uncovered what appeared to be a Funnel-web Spider in one of our planting holes. We will be somewhat more careful in digging holes in future. Of course over the years we have dug hundreds of planting holes and this is the first Funnel-web uncovered.

The pond near our patio is the home for a number of aquatic plants. This week a Nymphoides germinata plant produced a yellow bloom. We also found a dense plant with small leaves and tiny white flowers. This plant was identified as Crassula helmsii. Its origin is mysterious because we never placed this plant in the pond.

This week we embarked on another project also involving living organisms. For years we have been interested in freshwater tropical fish and this week we decided to set-up a tank in the lounge room. Quite by chance one of the proprietors of the Armidale Pet Shop had a second-hand complete large aquarium and stand for sale. He is setting up a marine aquarium. Next week the aquarium will be delivered. This will be another project that will help to fill in our idle (?) hours. We will be reporting further as this project develops.

New on the Site: Crassula helmsii, Grevillea Grassfire and Grevillea olivacea.


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