Week 3 January 2008: Rain = 43.5mm A satisfying total. Tank filled and garden watered.

Before and after the rain digging holes and planting continued.

This season we have had an explosion of Chrysocephalum apiculatum plants. These bright yellow, herbaceous perennials have created golden carpets throughout our woodlands. Before attack by botanists this species was known as Helichrysum apiculatum.

We have a couple of citrus plants in the garden. This week we noticed some Orchard Swallowtail caterpillars feeding on the leaves. They appear every year but cause little damage and are left alone. The distinctive caterpillars become large, beautiful black and white butterflies.

We have one Eucalyptus pulverulenta in the garden. The specimen is about four metres tall and this week we noticed a few buds in some leaf axils.

We also found another Eucalypt, in a dense shrubbery, carrying buds and a few gum nuts. Unfortunately this plant was not labelled but we think that it is Eucalyptus desmondensis, a mallee from Western Australia.

Last year we bought an “Alinta” strawberry. The plant sent out runners and we now have two plants in large pots. This week we harvested a number of large, tasty strawberries from these plants.


Garden Diary