CometD.JPG (15445 bytes)Week 3 January 2007: Rain = 5mm
We continued planting in our old Vegetable Garden. This week the last of the four Western Australian Banksias (Christmas presents) were planted in this garden. Hopefully they will survive and thrive.
This week we also potted on our Wollemi Pine into a larger pot. This was also a Christmas present and next December it will be decorated as our Christmas tree.
We heard an interesting story about the Wollemi Pine. Apparently a bushwalking group, from west of Sydney, knew about the species some time ago. The tree was known, to the bushwalkers, as the “Chocolate Crackle Tree”. This name refers to the appearance of the bark.
A few week ago a narrow band of hail caused extensive and expensive damage in the eastern part of Armidale. There was considerable damage caused to the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. The roof, of the Information Centre, was damaged and the coverings of propagating structures were shredded.
We tried our hand at some furniture assembly this week. We bought two “flat-pack” television stands. One will be used for a television set and the other for our sound system.
The highlight of the week was sightings of Comet McNaught. We observed this magnificent astronomical phenomenon on three nights (see image) The Comet was visible, in the south-western sky, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm and was nearly as bright as Venus. We couldn’t see the Comet on the last day of the week because of cloud cover. Hopefully it will be visible next week. Our son observed the Comet when he was in Sydney on Saturday night.
Another highlight was discovering a bird nest in one of our Cassinia plants. A pair of Rufous Whistlers has constructed a small nest that contains two eggs. This is the first time that we have observed this species nesting at Yallaroo.
We saw a Little Grebe in our Big Dam. These small birds dive under the water when disturbed.
Members of a local Landcare group visited Yallaroo at the end of the week. We had an interesting afternoon showing them the garden and explaining our attitude to gardening.
We spent some time potting on some germinated seedlings.
New on the Site: Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, Wave Rock, Port Campbell National Park and Acacia elata.

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