Week 3 January 2006: Rain = 9.5mm
Harvested two bunches of black grapes from our vine. This is one of our edible exotics and was planted, against our shed, about two years ago. The vine was a present from our children. These were the first bunches that the vine has produced. Hopefully there will be more next season.
We planted another edible exotic against the shed. This was a choko and in the fullness of time we hope that the vine will produce more edible items for our table.
We paid a visit to one of our relatives this week. She has a large Soft Tree Fern (Dicksonia antarctica) that produces off shoots from the main stem. We cut some off and potted them on. After they become established, in the pots, we will plant them out on the southern side of our house. Tree Ferns do well in this sheltered situation.
A recent purchase has commenced flowering. Hemiandra pungens is known as the Snakebush and is related to the Westringias. We also have a number of struck cuttings from this plant.
Melaleuca cardiophylla is another Western Australian native that started to flower this week. Some native bees were observed visiting the flowers. They may be Common Spring Bees but this identification has to be confirmed.
Two Double Bar Finches were sited in the garden this week. They are occasional visitors. We would like to see them take up residence.

Garden Diary