Week 3 January 2004: Rain this week = 90.5 mm. Our house tank has overflowed again.
There was heavy rain in Tamworth; this caused minor flooding and the evacuation of thousands of campers who were there for the Country Music Festival. The rain also caused our local creeks to carry large volumes of water. We could hear the water roaring in one creek that is at least one kilometre away.
Came across a Long-necked Tortoise, walking through the grass in one of our rambles around Yallaroo. The wanderer was at least 300 metres from any water. This is not an unusual occurrence as Tortoises often walk long distances from water especially after rain.
Two raspberries were planted in our orchard just before Christmas. This week we noticed that they are beginning to send up suckers. We are always on the lookout for edible exotics that will grow at Yallaroo.
Involved in some more manual labour this week. We have started to dig holes in a new section of our Lawn Garden. This area will soak up a large number of plants.
Also before Christmas a pair of Scrub Wrens constructed a nest amongst some tube stock Correas in our hoop house. This week we heard at least two hungry fledglings calling for lunch. Scrub Wrens are normally shy, retiring birds but we have had a number nesting close to the house. The pair nesting in our hoop house must think that they have moved from the dry Northern Tablelands to the wet tropics. The nest is drenched twice a day when we turn on the sprinklers to water out tube stock. Fortunately this has not deterred them.
Took a gamble and planted a Waratah in our new Correa garden. This is a specimen that we have kept in a pot for some time. It has developed a lignotuber (swollen root). The Waratah is sharing the planting hole with a Correa and a length of poly pipe. The pipe will direct water to the Waratah roots. Hopefully it will survive and thrive in the garden.  

Some of this information was gleaned from an excellent book: 
Reptiles & Amphibians of Australia
by Harold G. Cogger. Published by Reed Books.

Garden Diary