Week 3 January 2002: We are germinating lots of Acacias using our Kitchen Paper Sandwiches. This successful method of seed germination has given a boost to our Small Acacia Project.
Planted a large Banksia serrata in the garden near our power pole (hence now known as the Pole Garden). This Banksia is about 1 metre tall. It was purchased some months ago from a nursery on the North Coast. The Pole Garden has been very successful. The site is very rocky and plants relish this well-drained situation. We will publish a census of the plants in this garden in the future.
Crimson Rosellas are eating our ripening plums. Next season we will cover our fruit trees with netting. Speaking of “edible exotics”. We are now picking lots of tomatoes. Most are small Cherry Tomatoes. These are now $10/kilo in the shops so we are happy to be saving money as well as eating our own organic produce.
Red-browed Finches are building a nest in a Clematis vine on our back patio. They weave a cylindrical nest with dried grass and then line with feathers. The nest is less than 2 metres above the ground so we should have a “bird’s eye view” of proceedings.
Checked one of our parrot nesting boxes. Last week there were two chicks in the nest. Sometime this week the chicks have “flown the coop”. We have more nesting boxes to install on trees. Hopefully they will also be successful.
Flowering this week: Regelia ciliata, Acacia subulata, Acacia implexa, Correa decumbens and Goodenia decurrens.
We are complying a database of all the cuttings that we prepare. Species or variety, date of preparation, type of hormone dip used and date of striking or death as the case may be, will be recorded. We will post the results on a regular basis.

Garden Diary