Week 3 February 2017: Rain = 56.5 millimetres. Two big falls this week one of 18 mm and another 33 mm plus some smaller ones. Tank is full again and the garden looks good.

We dug some holes and weeded in our newest garden.

Potting on continued this week with struck cuttings of Grevillea mollis, G. anethifolia, Eremophila Thundercloud and a cherry tomato bought from ALDI. We will try to keep the tomato plants going through winter.

This week we mowed around the house and along our road. Some of the grass clippings were collected and will be used to produce compost.

We pulled out the bean plants in one of our vegetable beds. They were not producing very well.

On Saturday we had our regular tri-weekly talk back garden programme on the ABC. We had a number of questions.

An avocado seed germinated in one of our composter tumblers. We potted the seedling into a medium sized pot.

The good rain was accompanied by thunderstorms. One night we had a short blackout and the internet went off for over 24 hours.

Wildlife observations: Many Blue-banded Bees are buzzing around the garden. We saw one fly into a large zucchini flowers to collect pollen. We saw a Grey-fantail in one of our shrubberies. They frequently visit the garden. A Jacky Lizard was sighted on our back patio. The lizard was jumping up, trying unsuccessfully, to catch a mud wasp. The wasp is building a nest under our patio roof. A flock of Silvereyes visited the Wonga vines growing around the patio.  


Garden Diary