Week 3 February 2016: Rain = 4 millimetres

Although we are approaching the end of summer this week has been very hot. With only four millimetres of rain this week and nothing in the preceding week watering our tubes regularly has been a priority.

We did do some potting on this week with struck cuttings of Grevillea Jelly Baby, Tremandra stelligera, Boronia denticulata and Grevillea Carpet Crawler going into tubes. We also sowed some Lithops seed. These are succulent plants from South African and known as living stones because of their appearance. One of our granddaughters grows succulents so we thought that we would try to add to her collection. The seeds were bought through Ebay. They have a many Lithops species available.

We did some weeding in the newest garden, north of the house. The first plants went into this garden about 14 months ago. Most plants are doing well. We also managed to dig holes and put 13 plants in the ground in this garden.

Some plants are flowering including Acacia iteaphylla, one of our favourite wattles; Hakea gibbosa and Eucalyptus pulverulenta (see wildlife observations).

We finished writing some articles for the Armidale Tree Group’s Newsletter. This is our local community native nursery.

On Saturday we did our three weekly talkback garden programme. We had about four calls.

Nothing to do with gardening but this week we picked up our TV. We have mentioned the problems, in previous weeks, with this TV. Now the set is working perfectly thanks to Dene Bourke, the local LG repair agent. Also our freezer failed. Fortunately we did not lose much food. We have a small backup freezer. The freezer failed on Monday and was repaired on Friday. This was fast service because a part had to be ordered. Thanks to Moore’s Westend Electrical. Their technician did a great job.

Wildlife observations: Only two observations of note this week. A Bronze-winged Pigeon was sighted number of times feeding on our mown areas. We also saw one juvenile Eastern Spinebill sipping nectar from the flowers of our Eucalyptus pulverulenta.


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