Week 3 February 2015: Rain = 14.5 millimetres. Half of this total fell when Cyclone Marcia was attacking the Queensland coast. Unfortunately the rain did not come far enough west hence the small reading.

This week we potted on rooted cuttings of Grevillea oldei. These cuttings were collected when we visited our eldest daughter and her family at Gosford, north of Sydney, in late November 2014. We collected a lage number of cuttings and now they are producing roots.

Our vegetable beds are providing plenty of produce. We are picking beans, capsicums, zucchinis, egg plants and cucumbers. We have asparagus plants that were planted in two areas amongst other plants. They are hidden from view and we forget to pick the delicious spears. This week we started to dig up asparagus crowns and relocated them in a vegetable bed.

Some time was spent weeding our Northern Garden. Lots of Tradescantias are smothering some of our plants. Tradescantia have deep roots and take some time to remove.

This week 38 plants went into the North Garden extension. We are keeping on top of the weeds in this garden and mulching as we go. This is one of the best looking gardens we have ever planted. So far about 150 plants have gone into this garden. Of course we are only able to plant such large plant numbers because over 95% of the plants used are propagated on site.

One morning we potted on more bean seedlings into 50 mm thumb pots. We germinated these in moist paper in a margarine container. Seeds germinate in a couple of days using this system.

On our shopping day we drove down to the ALDI site. Work has started on construction. We are looking forward to shopping in this new supermarket.

A Grevillea diversifolia is flowering in one of our new gardens. This is an unusual species as the flower clusters are only one centimetre across.

Wildlife observations: A flock of Striated Pardalotes spent some time in plants near our patio. We have three nesting tubes for them under our eaves. They are used regularly. Early one morning a Swamp Wallaby visited the pond near our deck and breakfasted on waterlily leaves. We found a Botany Bay Weevil on a wattle near the house. Photos were taken. One photo was much better that the image on our site so we changed the picture. We found a large number of caterpillar droppings on our patio table. A large Privet Hawk Moth caterpillar was found feeding on the foliage of Wonga Vine (Pandorea sp) above the table. This may be a new food plant as they usually feed on privet and lilac. We remember these caterpillars when we were young and lived in Sydney. This was our first sighting for nearly 70 years.


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