Week 3 February 2014:  Rain = 36 millimetres. Very welcome rain. Has not broken the drought but put a dent in it. Our house tank has been topped up and plants that looked a trifle dead have bounced back.

This Saturday we did our talkback gardening programme on the local ABC radio network. In future we will be doing the session once every three weeks instead of every five. This is a vast improvement and will mean there will be more continuity.

Spurred on by the rain 24 plants went into the ground this week. We have been having problems with kangaroos and wallabies sampling our newer plantings. This week we covered new plants with pieces of Cassinia quinquefaria. This system seems to work and has reduced macropod damage.

Early this week we mulched our three citrus plants with woodchips. By week’s end the plants had started to put on new growth and buds appeared.

We potted on seedling Hakea eriantha. This is a local form with narrow leaves. Struck cuttings of Acacia leptoclada and Grevillea wilkinsonii were also potted on.

This week we bought a new printer. Our six year old Canon IP4500 expired. We now have a Canon MG7160 printer. Lot more functions than our old printer.

There were some wildlife sightings this week. We found a Stony Creek Frog amongst our plants in tubes. A pair of quail has been sighted several times this week. A Red-necked Wallaby and her joey spent some time feeding on the mown area in front of the house.


Garden Diary