Week 3 February 2013: No rain this week.

This week we had our house water tank cleaned out. After about 17 years there was a large amount of debris that had collected in the bottom of the tank.

The hot water, from our solar system, had lost pressure. This was because one of the filters in the inlet was blocked with tank debris. This week a local plumber cleaned out the unit and it is now working perfectly.

One afternoon a Leaden Flycatcher hit one of our lounge room windows. Another bird was chasing it. Fortunately the Flycatcher was only stunned and soon recovered and flew off but not before we took photos.

We have a couple of Blue Wren groups that have taken up permanent residence at Yallaroo. One group spent a lot of time bathing in one of our birdbaths in front of the lounge room window. We are pleased to see that these delightful birds fell secure in our garden.

We spent some time digging up a new area east of the house. We will start to plant here before winter arrives.

We have now set up our Blu-ray recorder and are finding it a very useful piece of equipment.


Garden Diary