Week 3 February 2012: Rain = 24.5 millimetres. The house tank overflowed again.

Digging holes, planting and mulching continued this week with 30 plants going into the ground.

We picked lots of vegetables this week including a large number of yellow pear tomatoes from a feral plant that appeared in one of our gardens.

The big event this week was having a solar system installed. The system is 4.5 kilowatts and consists of 24 solar panels mounted on the north facing section of our roof. We also had the meter changed in our meter box. The system is net metering. This means that during the day we will use the power generated by the system and any surplus will feed back into the grid. During the night power will be supplied from the grid. Nearly all our power is used during the day so we hope to make a reasonable dent in our power bill. Time will tell.


Garden Diary