Week 3 February 2011: Rain = 9.5 millimetres

Digging holes, planting and mulching continued this week. Planting total = 39.

This week we potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea Deua Flame and seedling Allocasuarina nana. We bought the “Deua Flame” last year and the plant is now established in the garden. The plant cost $10 and this week we potted on ten cuttings with strong roots. This makes our $10 plant very economical. This is another advantage of propagating plants.

Our Eucalyptus macrandra flowered a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we missed this floral event. This comes from having a large garden. Sometimes we miss these occasions. Eucalyptus macrandra is one of many Western Australian mallees that we are growing. This is the third year that this specimen has flowered.

Three Eucalypts are carrying buds for the first time. Eucalyptus boliviana, Eucalyptus caesia and Eucalyptus stricta will be watched closely so their blooming displays are not missed.

We caught sight of a Yellow Robin one morning this week. Unfortunately these beautiful birds are rare visitors to Yallaroo.

We received an interesting email from Russell who lives in South Africa. He recently visited the island of St Helena and photographed a yellow Everlasting Daisy. He identified the daisy as Xerochrysum (syn Helichrysum) bracteatum. This is an Australian native and was introduced to the island by Napoleon (see Napoleon’s Daisy).

A native Blue-banded Bee was observed visiting the flowers of Purple-top (Verbena bonariensis) and Prickly Cucumber (Cucumis metuliferus). Both are introduced species. The former is a weed and the latter produces edible fruits. The bee doesn’t differentiate between native and exotic plants.


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