Week 3 February 2009: Most of this week was spent at Westmead. One morning we walked along the Parramatta River and on another day we had a picnic at Newington. This area is east of Parramatta and is large parkland near the Sydney Olympic site. Our grandchildren entertained themselves on the various items in a playground.

We travelled into Sydney, by train, and walked to the Marine Museum in Darling Harbour. We had guided tours around the Vampire a decommissioned destroyer, the Onslow a decommissioned submarine and a replica of Captain Cook’s Endeavour. Volunteers showed us around these vessels and talked about their history and workings. We found the tours very interesting and informative. We came to the conclusion that even after centuries the crew of navel ships still have very cramped quarters.  

We travelled back to Parramatta via the River Cat. This is a ferry that goes from Circular Quay to Parramatta along the river. This was an enjoyable voyage even if slightly damp due to drizzly rain.

Towards the end of the week we travelled north to the Central Coast to stay with family members who live in Gosford.

At a book sale we found an interesting publication. Triggerplants by Douglas W. Darnowski is an interesting book that has botanical and horticultural information on the Stylidium genus. At $5 we considered that this was money well spent.

At a riverside restaurant we observed a Water Dragon sitting on a pole. After having its photo taken the lizard jumped off the pole and swam 30 metres to the other side of the river mostly underwater.


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