Week 3 February 2007: Rain = 37.5 mm
This week we divided a large Ranunculus inundatus plant. This aquatic plant sends out runners similar to the land-based strawberry. The new plants will be distributed amongst our ponds.
We maintain the aquatic theme. This week we obtained some Azolla fern from a relative’s pond and placed in a pot on our patio. As this water-covering fern develops, pieces will also be introduced into our ponds.
Some Hakea plants in pots have developed yellow foliage. This indicates an iron deficiency. We overcome this problem by sprinkling iron sulphate on the surface of the pot then watering. The new leaves become green in a week or so.
A flock of swifts flew over the house this week. They fly very fast and we regard them as the F111s of the avian world because of their speed and swept-back silhouette.
A large number of birds are using one of our birdbaths. This particular bowl is very popular and one day this week we observed Grey Fantails, Silvereyes and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters using this facility.
Horticulturally we spent some time planting in our old Vegetable Garden. This area is becoming home to a wide range of native shrubs.
We also started on another project and cleared an area south of our propagating structure. This will be another area that will become home to more native plants.
The rain has brought out the frogs and we noticed a raft of frog spawn in one of our ponds. Burrowing Frogs may be responsible for the eggs.
We have a loquat plant growing in one corner of our propagating structure. Late last year the plant produced a number of fruit. We ate the fruit straight off the plant and left the seed on the sand on one of our benches. The seeds germinated and this week we potted on five loquat seedlings. In the fullness of time they will be planted in our gardens and add to the number of edible exotics that we are cultivating.
On our weekly shopping trip we happened to notice a sign in the local Dick Smith shop. They were offering three 256mb SD memory cards for the price of 2. At $30 this was an offer too good to miss because our cameras take these cards. Our first SD card had a capacity of 128mb was $99 and this was a bargain at the time. How prices have changed for electronic equipment.
New on the Site: Grevillea rivularis and Hakea drupacea.

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