Week 3 February 2006: Rain = 62.5 millimetres. This was enough rain to fill our tanks.
Some water plants that we ordered arrived by mail this week. One was an Utricularia and the other a Villarsia. They will be established in the pond near our back patio then divided and placed in our other water features.
The rain has soaked into the ground where we are planting. This area was ripped late last century and the rip lines are still soft because we have no stock to trample the ground. In other areas, where there has been no ripping, the ground is still dry. Plenty of holes dug and plants planted this week.
A couple of weeks ago we removed all the exotic waterlilies from our largest pond. This week we removed some of the algae that floated to the surface. We have abandoned exotic waterlilies in favour of less aggressive native aquatics.
One day this week we observed two Rainbow Birds perched on our power line. These beautiful birds migrate from New Guinea and the Solomon Islands , to the Australian continent, in spring. After nesting and rearing young they migrate back north at the end of summer. The two birds at Yallaroo were on their way back north. In some areas large flocks are sighted in both spring and late summer. We were fortunate to see these two individuals.
Our feral tomatoes are ripening and this week we picked half a bucket full of delicious Tommy Toes. These fruit came from plants that self-seeded after last seasonís crop.
We saw two baby Skinks on our front verandah one day this week. Adult Skinks often bask in the sun on the verandah. It was interesting to see that they are breeding at Yallaroo.
This week our local telephone exchange began providing broadband access. We are still deciding if we will change over to this faster service.

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