Week 3 February 2005: Rain = 24mm.
We erected another pole in one of our newer garden beds. We have lots of timber lying around at Yallaroo and we make use of pieces in the gardens. The taller pieces support native climbers such as Clematis and also allow birds to check out the gardens before they dive into the undergrowth.
Our Blue-banded Bee population has exploded. At least 20, at a time, are constantly visiting the flowers of a Derwentia arenaria. They easily outnumber the exotic honeybees.
Our Stringybark Eucalypts are continuing to flower. Many specimens of Eucalyptus laevopinea are covered in white flowers.
We are continuing to row vegetables in pots. Dwarf beans are our most successful potted crop. Five or six plants keep us in our daily ration of organic beans.
This week a Red-necked Wallaby and a Swamp Wallaby visited us. The Red-necked Wallaby was feeding near the house and the Swamp Wallaby was resting behind our plastic house.
A nectarine tree grew from seed in our old vegetable garden a couple of years ago. Last spring it was covered in flowers and produced a crop of tasty fruit without any watering. This week we harvested the fruit. We have found that it is not necessary to grow grafted fruit trees to obtain delicious fruit. We also have a cutting grown peach that produced large, tasty fruit late last year.

Garden Diary