Week 3 February 2004: No rain this week.
Travelled to Sydney this week to stay with our daughter and family. They have moved from the North Coast to Sydney. On the way we stopped at the Hunter Botanic Gardens for lunch. No time to walk around the extensive Gardens. Hopefully we will have more time in the future.
Although our daughter and family are living in an area surrounded by flats and units there is still plenty of greenery. From their balcony we looked into Eucalypts and a Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta). At night squadrons of Flying Foxes fly over on the way to feed, a Brush-tailed Possum was in the tree next door and in the afternoon Corellas and Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos were attacking the cones on a pine tree across the road.
One of the nearby streets has one end blocked off by the construction of a twenty metre square garden. The garden has been planted with a dozen Lemon-scented Gums (Eucalyptus citriodora). Their smooth trunks create quite an eye-catching landscape feature.
We even saw an exotic Crepe Myrtle hosting a broad-leaved mistletoe. We have noticed, over the years, that some of our native mistletoes are finding homes on exotic trees and shrubs.
We noticed an interesting statistic in a local Sydney paper. Only 1% of potable (fit to drink) water is in fact used for drinking. The other 99% is used on gardens, washing cars and flushing toilets.

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