Week 3 February 2003: The drought may be breaking. We had 86 mm of rain this week. Our house tank has overflowed and a number of plants have recovered and are a lot less relaxed than they were last week.
We started planting in earnest in our Lawn garden. If the rain continues then we should be able to reduce our tube stock build-up.
Native birds have been having a tough time during the drought. Correas and Eremophilas are providing some nectar-bearing flowers for honeyeaters. Seedeaters, such as finches and parrots, have little or no grasses carrying seeds. This week we began to scatter birdseed on a section of our lawn (?) to supplement their food. We are only using small quantities so that the birds do not become dependant on this food source. Red-browed Finches, Crimson Rosellas and even a Bronze-winged Pigeon have availed themselves of the seed.
There is plenty of water for birds to bath and drink. With our two dams, three ponds and numerous birdbaths, birds have no problem finding water.
The rain has triggered ants and other insects to swarm. One day this week a flock of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were performing aerial acrobatics as they fed on this movable feast.
The local ABC radio network encourages listeners to phone every morning with their rainfall readings. This makes interesting listening and we now realise the variability of rainfall throughout our area.
One morning there were two wallabies feeding on the scanty grass available on our lawn (?). They may have been Pretty-faced Wallabies. One animal was carrying a joey in her pouch.

Garden Diary