Week 3 December 2015:  Rain = 21 millimetres. A helpful fall as we will be away over the Christmas/New Year period.

Early in the week we set up the watering system for when we are away. We use a large sprinkler with a solenoid to water our plastic house. The sprinkler is on twice a day for 15 minutes each time. The propagating unit relies on the intermittent mister. Both systems work very well.

This week we received some Hakea seeds from the leader of the Hakea Study Group. There were six species including H. bakeriana and H. purpurea. Both are rare NSW species. We sent seeds, to the Study Group, of a local form of H. eriantha with very narrow leaves.

We finished collecting the ripe seed pods from our Acacia leptoclada plant. Last year there were no pods. This season the plant is covered in pods. They will yield lots of seeds.

Our Eucalyptus prava and Acacia implexa plants are flowering.

At the end of the week we started our Christmas/New Year visiting. Firstly we travelled to Gosford and stayed with our eldest daughter and her family. We spent some time walking their dog with our grandchildren and generally relaxing. For many months a new intersection has been under construction at a major Gosford intersection. We saw the finished article on this visit. The landscaping, around the intersection, is using plants indigenous to the Central Coast, of NSW.

Wildlife observation: Before we left home there was one interesting observation. One morning a Nankeen Kestrel landed on the arm of a chair on our front verandah. Clutched in one claw was a swallow. Before we could fetch a camera the Kestrel with prey flew away.


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