Week 3 December 2013: Rain = 22 millimetres. This welcome rain filled our house water tank to overflowing.
Once again we spent some time watching the test cricket.  Australia has demolished the England team.
The Willie Wagtails nesting outside our back have hatched 3 babies.
Potting on continued apace this week with struck cuttings of Melaleuca incana, Westringia Wynyabbie Gem and Grevillea Burgundy Beauty potted on.
Many years ago we planted a number Callitris enderlicheri, together with other plants, near our front gate. On the slope between the planting and gate we noticed some Callitris seedlings. This week a Callitris seedling census was undertaken. We counted 30 Callitris seedlings in this area.
Our Leptospermum Aphrodite plants are in full flower and are being visited by Blue Flower Wasps and other insects.
With our large garden we sometimes find plants in the shrubberies that we had forgotten about. This week we made an interesting discovery. In some dense planting beside our road we found a Homoranthus croftianus. This is a rare species from the Bolivia Range near Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Cuttings were taken to ensure that we do not lose this species.
Amongst our purchases this week were seeds of four cucumber varieties and a Bosch cordless hedge trimmer. This latter purchase will make pruning considerably faster.
More wildlife observations this week: A pair of Quail appears to have taken up residence in the garden. Also two Burrowing Frogs were observed mating in one of our ponds. Their liaison resulted in a large raft of frog spawn in the pond.
We sowed some zucchini seeds in one of our newer gardens a few weeks ago.  This week we started to harvest.
Late in the week we showed three visitors, from the  University of New England, around the garden. They were interested in our planting and propagating methods.
We have started to put material on the local Australian Plant Society web site. Each month we will select four native plants that are blooming. The “Blooms in December” describes four plants flowering this month at Yallaroo. The site: http://www.aps-armidale.org.au/
Our contributions are in the Resource Section under tips and guides.

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