Week 3 December 2012: Rain = 13 millimetres.

There was some excitement one morning this week when an Eastern Brown Snake wriggled across our north-facing deck. We took a few photos, from a distance, closed the deck door and allowed the snake to proceed on its way.

This week we mulched and watered the new plants in a renovated garden west of the house.

Some time ago we sowed seeds from a Xanthorrhea (Grasstree) that flowered in a pot. Over 20 seeds germinated and this week the seedlings were potted on into thumb pots. These plants will take many years to mature and flower but in the interim they will develop into plants with “strappy” leaves that we will use as feature plants in garden beds.

We have an underground pipe that carries water from our irrigation tank to northern sections of the garden. Unfortunately this week the pipe developed a leak. It will be too difficult to find the leak so we will have to lay another pipe to provide water. Fortunately some water is reaching the tap at the end of the line but pressure is reduced and we are losing water. We have a gate valve on this line that is turned off when not in use.

Some of our resident kangaroos have taken a liking to our vegetables. This week some bean plants were drastically pruned.  We made some hoops with drip irrigation pipe placed them in position on our raised vegetable beds and covered with netting. We managed to pick some beans from unpruned plants.

A while ago we bought a bag of seed raising mix and having been using the mix for cutting propagation. The mix seems to be more effective than our mix of sand/coco peat. We will try a range of cuttings to test the seed raising mix effectiveness. If it proves to be better than we will abandon our usual mix.

Some year ago we propagated a cutting from a feral plum tree that was growing along the main road, west of Yallaroo. This tree is now six metres high and produced large numbers of small green plums. One morning we harvested the fruit and used them to make plum jam. The tree will be pruned to a more manageable height in the near future. We also made relish from our surplus zucchinis.

Last week we reported that our telephone cable was damaged by lightning and we lost our landline. This week a Telstra technician came to repair the cable. Unfortunately the damage is extensive and machinery will be needed to dig up the cable. This may take some time because of the Christmas/New Year holiday period. We are able to use our mobile phone with an antenna.


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