Week 3 December 2011: Rain = six millimetres

One of our local wattles burst into bloom this week. Acacia implexa has regenerated in large numbers since sheep and cattle were removed from Yallaroo before we purchased the property. Another blooming plant is Graptophyllum excelsum. This medium shrub has shiny leaves and eye-catching red, tubular flowers similar in shape to those of the Eremophilas.

Our resident frogs are still active with clumps of frog spawn appearing regularly in our ponds.

Our Big Pond attracted a Black Snake this week. The metre long reptile was probably seeking our mating frogs. Some time ago we timed how long a Black Snake stayed submerged in one of our ponds. The snake resurfaced after three minutes.

Wattle pods are starting to ripen. This week we collected a large number of mature pods from our Acacia pycnostachya. This rare local wattle is rather erratic when it comes to seed production. Every spring the plant flowers profusely but often produces a paltry number of pods. This was a good year for pod production.

We spent some time mowing this week ready for the Christmas visit of our family. The first contingent will arrive just before Christmas.

Potting on continued this week. Struck cuttings of Melaleuca incana were placed in tubes as were seedlings of Banksia ornata and Acacia pruinosa. The seeds of the Banksia ornata were collected nearly 35 years ago in western Victoria.


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