Week 3 December 2010: Rain = 18 millimetres

Plenty of mowing this week. We used the hand mower to cut the “grass” around the house and the ride-on mower was used to mow around our drive and the large area north of our house.

As well as mowing we also used our brush cutter to cut a track to our Small Dam. The weeds in this area are a trifle thick.

We also found time to pot on struck cuttings and seedlings. These included cuttings of Prostanthera aspalathoides. The parent plant expired some time after cuttings were taken. This is a good reason for taking cuttings of plants after purchase and before planting. Cuttings of Grevillea Winpara Gem and seedlings of Allocasuarina nana were also potted on.

We have photos of the flowers and foliage of all our Acacias. This week we decided to take as many photos as possible of all their pods before they opened and shed their seeds.

Weeding continued in one of our newer areas. It is now beginning to look like a garden rather than a world class weed collection.

The Armidale markets were on this Sunday. Usually there are many interesting native plants available from various nurseries. This time no plants were purchased but we did buy a bunch of Dorrigo Waratah (Alloxylon pinnatum) flowers. This is a rainforest species that would be difficult to grow at Yallaroo.

This week our Babingtonia odontocalyx flowered for the first time. This member of the Myrtaceae family is a rare species from the Torrington Sate Conservation Area near Glen Innes. This species used to be in the Baeckea genus. After seeking information about this shrub we found that there is another name change. The species is now Kardomia odontocalyx. We have great difficulty keeping up with plant name changes.


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