Week 3 December 2009:   Rain = 38 millimetres

One day this week water was flowing across one of the creek crossings on the road to Armidale. This indicates that there was heavy rain to the north of Yallaroo. It is over 12 months since water flowed across this crossing.

This week we started to use our new red Clonex Hormone Gel on cuttings. Hopefully this fresh gel will increase the strike rate of our cuttings.

This week we spent some time picking produce from our vegetable rings. Onions, snow peas, strawberries and radishes found their way to our kitchen.

We continued digging holes and planting this week. Thirteen plants were planted. We also used grey water on some of our newer plants.

On Sunday we visited the monthly markets at Armidale. We did not intend to buy any plants but were pleasantly surprised to find that the Bilby Blooms Nursery had a stall and were selling some interesting plants. Amongst our purchases were: Grevillea Boongala Spinebill, Hakea cinerea and Eremophila splendens. Bilby Blooms Nursery has a web site that is well worth visiting: www.bilbyblooms.com.au

Highlight of the Week: One day this week we saw four Quail crossing the road near our house. There were two adults and two chicks that were almost as big as their parents.


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