Week 3 December 2008:  Rain = 1mm

Many of our wattles have ripening seed pods. This week we collected some including Acacia diphylla, Acacia ingramii, Acacia ixiophylla and Acacia pycnostachya. There were lots of ripening pods on most of these wattles. The exception was Acacia pycnostachya. This species flowers profusely but does not produce many pods.

For some time a pair of Quails have been observed wandering around the garden. This week we saw them a couple of times. Hopefully they are taking up residence.

Sprayed some Glyphosate on the weeds around our clothesline. We try to keep this area clear so the drying clothes do not become entangled in the weeds.

This week we had the last ABC garden talkback radio programme for the year. Our fortnightly half hour talk about native plants has a wide listening audience.

 We spent some time cleaning up the house ready for Christmas. All our family will be staying, over this period, for a few days.

Four plants have burst into bloom this week. Eucalyptus macrandra, Eucalyptus stricta, Eucalyptus prava and Melaleuca macronycha are all flowering. Eucalyptus stricta is from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Eucalyptus prava is a native of Yallaroo and Eucalyptus macrandra and the Melaleuca are from Western Australia.

Eucalyptus platypus, Eucalyptus torquata and Eucalyptus woodwardii are three plants that are carrying buds.
New on the Site: Eucalyptus macrandra and Eucalyptus platypus.


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