Week 3 December 2006: Rain = 5mm
Our phone was not repaired until mid-week. It was off for ten days. This was a trifle inconvenient. On Saturday we travelled to relativeís home in Uralla so we could do our ABC talkback radio programme.
On the way home we called into a friendís property to look at a couple of Wattles. Acacia pubiflora and Acacia pycnostachya are both rare local species. We were going to collect seed for the Armidale Tree Group nursery. The Wattle pods were not quite ripe so we returned later in the week and harvested a heap of seeds.
This week the mower came out and we mowed the large, grassy area north of the house. This area will be used at Christmas when our family visits. Kite flying and throwing Frisbees will be two of the activities performed on this area.
We received an early Christmas from some native plant enthusiasts in Tamworth. They sent up two boxes of native plants including some interesting Calothamnus species. We were happy to receive these plants and they will be incorporated into our gardens in the near future.
We visited the Armidale Markets on Sunday. We were very restrained and only purchased two plants: an Adenanthos and a Grevillea.
The three young Thrushes have left the nest near our back door. The parents are very successful and have a reared many babies.
Two Double-barred Finches have appeared in the garden. These attractive small birds rarely visit.
Planting continues in our old vegetable garden. This area is being given over to a large number of small natives.
This week we rescued a large Blue-tongued Lizard from our Big Pond. The lizard had fallen in and because the water level was low it couldnít get out. After its rescue we took the opportunity to take photos. In future we will keep the pond filled so bathing reptiles will be able to escape.
New on the Site: Blue-tongued Lizard.

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