Week 3 December 2002: We have changed our format for the Garden Diary. Each new week will be at the beginning of the weekly entries and in a larger font. It will then be relegated to the end of the entries to make room for the next week. This sensible suggestion was made by our son Lachlan.
Spent some time putting up Christmas decorations and preparing for the arrival of our family for the holiday period.
We have a Kunzea baxteri in flower. This Western Australian native has red flowers. This year the blooms are rather subdued both in size and colour due to the drought.
Attacked some weeds in our lawn garden. The recent showers of rain have triggered weed growth. Also planted and mulched in this garden. In 2003 our Lawn Garden is going to occupy a fair amount of our horticultural time.
Two of our peaches trees were carrying fruit. Unfortunately the Crimson Rosellas developed a taste for the green fruit. Next year we will invest in some nets to keep the birds away from the fruit. The parrots also feed on the small succulent fruits on our Myoporum parvifolium. Large Skink Lizards are also partial to these fruits. We havenít developed a taste for these fruit so our wildlife is welcome to them.
This week we travelled south to Tamworth for morning tea at the local ABC radio studios. Our fortnightly talkback radio programme on native plants is going well. We also have an Aussie plant section on the ABC web site. See our links section to access this site.
We also visited the Tamworth Botanic Gardens. This beautiful area has a colourful mixture of native and exotic plants.

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