Week 3 December 2001: 20 mm rain this week. Purchased only two plants this week (some sort of a record). Grevillea Pink Pearl and Correa Federation Belle will both be welcome additions to our collection. Federation Belle should have been the NSW Federation Flower but the NSW Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) was selected instead.
Mowed our grass area this week. Always make sure this area is mown before Christmas so that our grandchildren (and their grandfather) have a place to play when they visit over this period.
Sneaked a look in one of our parrot nesting boxes. Two half grown Crimson Rosellas are in residence.
We had lunch with the Councilors at Uralla Shire Council on Monday. The Mayor presented us with a certificate commemorating our Gardener of the Year Award.
Potting on some Banksias and Grevilleas into 150 mm (6 in) pots using a potting mix composed of half river sand and half ancient stable manure. We treated a rather sick Banksia robur this way several months ago. This plant is now very healthy and has doubled in size. We will keep you posted as to the effect of this mix on other species.
Seven Acacias are native to Yallaroo. The number of individual plants has increased dramatically, with some species, since stock was removed over ten years ago. Acacia implexa is one species that has proliferated and is now coming into flower. The pale yellow flowers cover the branches.
On Friday we drove to Tamworth and had morning tea with the staff of ABC Radio Tamworth. We are privileged to have a fortnightly talkback native plant garden programme. This allows us to spread the word, about Australian plants and the environment, to a large audience. We had a very enjoyable time. Later we had lunch at David and Judy’s place. David presents the Saturday morning radio programme. We had a very pleasant time there.


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