Week 3 August 2017: No rain again.

One morning we went for a walk down to our big dam. There is a high water level. Around the margin there is a satisfying regeneration of callistemons and melaleucas. There are a number of mature plants growing near the dam and as the seed is dropped in floats to the edge of the water and in many cases germinates. Some seedlings are over one metre high.

We are potting on seedling vegetables into 50 mm thumb pots and placing them in the propagating unit. They include cucumbers, pumpkins, beetroot and squash. We hope to have them ready to plant in the vegetable area once the weather warms up.

We placed another small ALDI raised vegetable bed near the deck and filled it with soil. This is the 4th bed in this position. Some of our thumb pot seedlings will go in these beds.

We are still writing articles for the new NSW Australian Plant Society web site (http://austplants.com.au/). This will be an ongoing task as we have many plant profiles to write and place on the site.

We planted the Santa Rosa plum in one of our vegetable beds. It has joined a dwarf mulberry and an Australian Finger Lime in the bed. We will be interested in seeing how they grow in close proximity.

We have a number of Clematis vines growing amongst and over other plants. Most are self seeded and this week they burst into bloom. Eucalyptus caesia and the rare Pimelea venosa are also flowering.

Wildlife observation: Not much to report this week. For a couple of days a large flock of magpies (at least 15) have been working their way across our mown area feeding.


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