Week 3 August 2016: Rain = 4 millimetres

This week we planted 18 tubes in our new garden area north of the house. We also dug more holes. Digging was rather easy as the ground is nice and moist after all the rain. In our new plantings we placed a zucchini seeds in each planting hole together with the tubes. We tried this a few years ago, in another garden, with great success. We finished up with a heap of zucchinis. We also started mulching the new plants.

We spread some sheets of corrugated iron on the area to be planted. This will kill the weeds and when we come to plant there will be bare earth. This will make digging holes easier.

The rain has brought on a flush of flowering. Two plants that have been enticed to flower by the rain are Grevillea Poorinda Diadem and G. Bilga Red. This latter plant was a feature in our previous garden. It was propagated from a seedling germinated in the roadside drain of Bilga Road (hence the name) that was near where we lived at that time. G. Bilga Red is a short shrub with bright red flowers. It probably had one of the Poorinda hybrids in its parentage.

We potted on rooted cuttings of  Myoporum parvifolium and Grevillea oldei. There are a number of cuttings, of G. oldei, taking root. Hopefully in the future this rare species will join our grevillea collection in the garden.

Wildlife observations: Two Wedge-tailed Eagles were sighted soaring over the house one morning. The White-winged Choughs are still around. They were seen and heard on a number of days this week.


Garden Diary