Week 3 August 2015: No rain this week.

This week we made up two plastic basins of potting mix. The next step was potting on struck cuttings. There were lots to do including Grevillea Lutea, G. amethyst, Eremophila Dusky, E. Beryl’s Blue, Adenanthos forestii, Banksia Giant Candles, Melaleuca steedmanii and seedling Hakea drupacea.

Our worms are producing plenty of juice and we watered the vegetables with a dilute mixture of the nutrient-rich liquid.

Many of our wattles are bursting into bloom. They are “jumping the gun” before the official Wattle Day, 1st September. Acacia neriifolia is almost in full flower with masses of golden blooms. This species is native to Yallaroo.

This week we planted 25 tubes in our northern garden. Some recent plants have been damaged by frost but hopefully they will recover.

Wildlife observation: Our Willie Wagtails are back. It will be interesting to see where they nest. For the past three years they have nested in a Lilly Pilly near our back door. Each season they renovate the existing nest and raise two or three young.


Garden Diary