Week 3 August 2014: Rain = 35 millimetres.  This was the welcome total over five days. Topped up our house tank and refreshed the garden. With the cold winter temperatures evaporation levels are very low so the rain will soak into the sub soil.

On Saturday we had our three-weekly talkback garden programme on the local ABC network. It was good to be back after a long break. This was due to the regular announcer retiring. We now have a good balance with three local gardeners. Two talking mainly about exotics and we cover native plants.

This week we placed 26 plants in our northern garden. The plants were mulched as soon as they were planted.

The raspberries, bought recently, are sprouting in their pots. In a month or so, once the roots have developed, they will be planted in one of our raised vegetable beds.

This week we bought a Blueberry Nellie Kelly from the local Bunnings store. This is a healthy plant in full flower that will be placed in a pot on our deck. It will keep company with the Blueberry Burst in another pot.

Plenty of wattles bursting into bloom this week. Also joining the floral extravaganza are Thryptomene calycina, Acacia dealbata and Homoranthus decumbens.

Potting on consisted of struck cuttings of Goodenia decurrens and Melaleuca linariifolia.

This week’s wildlife sightings: three Red-necked Wallabies together with a Swamp Wallaby north of the house, Yellow-rumped Thornbills on the mown area and four Silvereyes gathering small insects in an Acacia cardiophylla.


Garden Diary