Week 3 August 2013: Rain = 13 millimetres

Early in the week we received a phone call from the National Broadband Network (NBN) about our email enquiry about connecting to the NBN interim satellite service. The lady who called answered all our questions. We will probably connect to the system. It will mean a new dish and modem. The system is faster that our present satellite service with considerably greater data allowance.

The next day, after the NBN welcome phone call, we packed the car a headed off to the coast for a welcome break.

We stopped off at Bellingen, a town inland from the coast, where we visited a market. There were dozens of stalls offering a wide range of goods. We purchased some interesting native plants from Colin who has the Boggy Creek Nursery. Colin grows a wide range of native plants.  One purchase was two Prostanthera sejuncta plants.

From Bellingen we travelled to Coffs Harbour and took up residence in a cabin in a complex, of ten cabins, that is only 150 metres from the beach. Coffs Harbour is a city on the north coast of New South Wales and about 200 kilometres from Yallaroo.

We visited the Solitary Islands Aquarium that has a number of beautiful aquaria showing the flora and fauna of the Solitary Islands marine reserve that is off shore from Coffs Harbour. This display is well worth a visit.

Walking along the beach figured prominently in our activities. Although the beach is close to a large population centre during our walks there were very few people using the area.

Two other markets were visited. Both were in Coffs Harbour. Our meagre purchases included a large Grevillea Apricot Glow at $5. We felt that this was a bargain.

We also walked to the end of the Coffs Harbour jetty. The jetty was rebuilt some years ago and is about 500 metres long. It has a long and interesting history going back to the early days of “Coffs”.

More walking was undertaken and this time we trudged to the top of the Mutton Bird Island Nature Reserve. The island is joined to the mainland by a breakwater. Plenty of Mutton Bird burrows in the island.

One morning we visited the Coffs Harbour Botanic Garden. This is a beautiful area with a wide collection of both exotic and native plants, a mangrove boardwalk, rare plant beds and glasshouses. A Japanese garden is under construction. The Garden is well worth a visit.

Coffs Harbour is the centre of a 60 kilometre long coastal walk. One afternoon we strolled along part of the walk and passed through a Banksia integrifolia forest. The trees were in full flower with a number of honeyeaters feasting on the nectar.

On the last day of the week we had a short beach walk before driving back to Yallaroo.

We had an enjoyable visit and came home for a rest.


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