Week 3 August 2011: Rain = 21 millimetres. This is another splendid moisture result.

More wattles are flowering, in the garden, plus the pink-flowered form of Hakea decurrens and the very rare Grevillea acropogon.

This week we potted on more struck cuttings including: Derwentia perfoliata, Grevillea rosmarinifolia Lutea and Grevillea sericea.

We photographed some of our flowering wattles one day this week. We are building up a comprehensive record of all the plants, as they flower, in our garden. There are now over two thousand digital images of the plants at Yallaroo. On top of this number we have hundreds of photos of our grandchildren. We feel that digital cameras are the greatest invention since sliced bread. All our photos are on two simple data bases. One is organised by subject and the other by date.

A Stringybark Eucalypt fell down near our eastern boundary a while ago. One morning we attacked the fallen tree with our chainsaw and cut up a load of firewood.

We also spent some time preparing another garden east of the house. This area had been covered with sheets of corrugated some time ago. After moving the iron we dug out the dead grass and weed roots. There are lots of small to medium-sized rocks in this area. It is beside our road and the rocks come from the road construction many years ago. Digging holes to accommodate three plants (our usual planting method) is rather difficult so we are going to use a different planting strategy. This time we will dig small holes big enough to hold one tube-sized plant and space the holes close together. We have already put in ten plants using this method.

Our letter box (itís more a drum than a box) needed some repairs towards the end of the week. Someone bumped into it and we finished up with a horizontal drum rather than a vertical one. We restored the drum to its usual position and took some precautions so that hopefully it will remain in a vertical position.


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