Week 3 August 2009:

We have a fortnightly gardening talkback programme on the local ABC network on Saturdays. This week David, who runs the Saturday morning session, interviewed us about our overseas trip. We mainly talked about our time in England with emphasis on the wedding and life in an English village.

One of the ends of our propagating unit disintegrated early this week. The ends are made of a type of plastic known as Corflute. Usually this material has a life of at least ten years. This piece only lasted 18 months. We rang the company that supplied the unit, Sage Horticulture in Melbourne, and by the end of the week we received not one but two new ends. This was excellent service and we would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for anything in the horticultural line. The Corflute, in our unit, was a faulty batch.

This week we had some late nights or more correctly early mornings because we were watching the Ashes cricket tests from England.

Our Acacia prominens plants are flowering. This is the first year that this species has flowered at Yallaroo.

Last week we sowed a number of different tomato seeds. Towards the end of this week some of the seeds were germinating. Most of the seeds were over two years old but they are still viable.

We potted on some seedlings this week including a number of Allocasuarina grampiana. This She Oak comes from Victoria and has slightly purplish foliage. We consider it to be an Australian native substitute for the exotic Blue Spruce.

Tried a propagating experiment this week. We have read about trials of hard to propagate Grevillea varieties using a top-dipping method. The theory is that nutrients flow from the foliage to the roots and water runs from the roots to the shoots. The top leaves of cuttings were dipped in a low hormone concentration instead of dipping the base. We set up some trials to test this theory using some difficult to propagate varieties including Grevillea Coastal Glow and Grevillea crithmifolia. We will publish the results in the fullness of time.


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